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Preparing for your success trusted source in IT services.

Why Choose Cybercast for Your Archive?

Preparing for your success trusted source in data services.

Our product eliminates the need for traditional data tapes, optical cartridges, or robotics, providing a high-density storage solution with up to 1320 TB per 4 RU Enclosure. With no egress costs, long restore delays, proprietary technology, or licenses required, it seamlessly integrates with existing MAM, PAM, or Archive Management and Automation systems based on open systems and standards.

Featuring superior performance compared to data tape and optical storage systems, our product requires no migration, recovers deleted space, and does not require compaction. Fully spun-down disks enable cold storage, significantly reducing power consumption to 0.25 W/TB and extending disk life to over 10 years.

Scalable from 50TB for small teams and workgroups to multi-Petabyte enterprise archives, our solution offers robust security features, including user-selectable file replication, distributed systems, removable media, and vault storage options.

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