MediaVault Pro product family

Flexible deep archiving solutions tailored for your media organization, seamlessly standalone or integrated with your preferred Media Asset Management, Production Management, or Archive Management platform. A superior alternative to tape storage, these solutions complement existing cloud offerings.

MediaVault Pro III

Introducing our premier solution, MediaVault Pro III, offering a scalable, secure, and high-performance enterprise deep archive.

Easily scale MediaVault Pro III enterprise archive systems within a single location or across multiple locations. A MediaVault Pro III Chassis accommodates up to 60 disk drives, while each MediaVault Pro Expansion Chassis adds an additional 60 slots, reaching up to 660 Disk Slots per Node and nearly 10 PB of storage. Augmenting with MediaVault Pro Nodes enhances Capacity, Bandwidth, and Availability.

MediaVault Pro ARX

Introducing our introductory pre-configured archive solutions—MediaVault Pro ARX, available in 50TB, 100TB, and 150TB configurations, tailored for small workgroups.

MediaVault Pro ARX serves as a self-contained archive, providing a cost-effective alternative for small media organizations or departments within larger entities. If you seek an alternative to tape autoloaders, find on-premise RAID and cloud archives prohibitively expensive, power-consuming, slow, or insecure for your media content and data archive needs, MediaVault Pro ARX is the solution you’ve been searching for.

MediaVault Pro Manager

Web-browser based user interface for monitoring disk status and basic disk administration from anywhere

MediaVault Pro Manager is the software that provides monitoring and control of the disks in MediaVault Pro units. It drives the LCD on the front of an MediaVault Pro III chassis, reflecting the status of the drives and providing basic drive utilities. MediaVault Pro Manager also provides a web server, making this monitoring and control functionality available on user interfaces for remote system administrators and DAC support use for monitoring and remote admin.

MediaVault Pro Connect

Explore our versatile integration possibilities for MediaVault Pro, featuring low-level options such as FTP, FXP, and vendor-specific interfaces, catering to both automated and manual workflows.

Unlock more advanced integration capabilities with MediaVault Pro Connect, seamlessly interfacing with MediaVault Pro through specific plugins or open FTP/FXP channels. Utilize JSON commands to interact with an open-source database and a suite of utilities. With an integrated database, MediaVault Pro efficiently manages externalized disks. When a content restore is initiated, MediaVault Pro Connect meticulously searches the primary MediaVault Pro, followed by a backup instance, and, if necessary, reveals the precise location of the drive within the physical vault.