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Ready-to-use Quasar servers

The integration of control protocols and our Quasar software with third-party devices enables the connection of diverse equipment to a single system, creating a unified television complex that offers centralized control over all devices, regardless of manufacturer. Our software is essential for identifying equipment within the system and providing centralized control. Additionally, new features have been incorporated into our graphical interface, allowing users to easily manage equipment from various brands.

QuasarConnect S Appliance

Small-sized appliance to work in the field and in small offices.

QuasarConnect allows you to
connect the main controller with various domains to secondary hardware.

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QuasarConnect M Appliance

Middle-sized appliance to connect all variety of your media equipment to remote Quasar controller.

1U rack appliances with preinstalled QuasarConnect instances.


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Quasar L Controller

Out-of-the-box Quasar software appliance to manage IT/Media environment from single control point.

1U rack appliances with preinstalled QuasarConnect instances.                                                            

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Quasar XL Controller


Suitable for large, complex network environments and enterprises.

Out-of-the-box Quasar  appliances to manage IT/Media environments from a single control point.

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CyberCast Quasar series

The Quasar software enables integration with third-party devices, allowing you to connect various equipment to a unified system. This system transforms into a comprehensive television complex, providing centralized control over all equipment, regardless of manufacturer.

Quasar MC

Quasar software connects effortlessly with various devices from different brands. This creates a unified system for your entire entertainment setup. Imagine controlling everything, from any manufacturer, all from one central hub!

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Quasar SC

The Quasar SC lets you expand your system by connecting additional equipment, even from different brands, that falls outside the main controller's reach. Quasar software should be installed on supported media server.

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QuasarConnect bridges the gap between your main controller and various secondary hardware domains, ensuring everything works together seamlessly. Please contact your manager to check compatibility and available options.

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